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Emily Klopotek

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Emily Klopotek Angel Foundation Founded in May 2018

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       Recently established, the Emily Klopotek Angel Foundation aims to provide financial support to those struggling to overcome obstacles on the road to eating disorder recovery. Our plan is to fundraise through community outreach, which we hope will also draw attention to our cause and promote identification, prevention, and treatment of eating disorders. Financial contributions to the foundation will go to our scholarship fund. So far, we’ve provided scholarships for services not covered by insurance, such as registered dietitian services. Our scholarships can also provide individuals and families with linking resources such as gift cards (for groceries, transportation costs, etc.) and allowances during in-patient treatment (rent, recurring bills, etc.). Our end goal is to alleviate the burden on those seeking eating disorder treatment, and we hope that our scholarships might be the difference in reaching this goal.

How and why the organization was formed:

      The Emily Klopotek Angel Foundation is a recently-established non-profit organization that aims to provide financial support to those experiencing barriers to eating disorder treatment through community outreach and fundraising.

Emily Klopotek was a vibrant, compassionate young woman who loved dance, animals, reading, swimming in the ocean and so much more. Emily was a loving daughter, sister and friend. She died unexpectedly in February of 2018, after struggling with and overcoming an eating disorder. Emily was a compassionate, caring person who worked to lift others up with words of encouragement and through her actions.

Along with the personal difficulties that afflict those working to beat eating disorders, financial barriers are often additional obstacles that stand in the way of treatment and recovery. Those who are already fighting so courageously to be healthy should not have to jump through financial hoops to get the care they need and deserve. The idea for the foundation arose to help those that are struggling to overcome eating disorders due to lack of treatment, awareness, and prevention methods. Emily was an amazing young woman, and we hope the foundation can help continue her work to encourage and support others on their road to full recovery..

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Our Vision

       To remove barriers to eating disorder treatment.

Our Mission

       To provide financial support to those experiencing barriers to eating disorder treatment through community outreach and fundraising..


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